IN 5 SHOTS is a Laguna Concepts Company that utilizes New Media elements of Digital Photography, Street and Photo Journalism and their use as tools to enhance positive communication among needful young people.

Our goal is to allow for channeled, directed, positive, expression…giving voice to those who feel they have none or have been marginalized.

The In 5 Shots photojournalism communications improvment course, is the first of its kind, created to help visual journalists learn the power and value of the rapidly changing world of photojournalism.  Its basis is “Rapid Bring Up” using innovative training techniques to get the reporters out on the street in a short period of time but with the tools to produce meaningful results.  Intra and Inter group critical dialog forms the envelope to encourage and enhance verbal, visual and journalistic communication all within a positive, supportive environment. 

Our site is undergoing some major growing pains.  Please come back often to see a host of new talent.


L.B. Cann, Managing Director, Laguna Concepts, Ltd.

St. Gallen, Switzerland

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