Natzure Photography:


What do you see in a photograph? 

A reminder of a past friend, a family member or visited place or one still to be discovered and explored?  Maybe it’s the emotional stir of an animal be it predator or prey or part of the family. The touch, smell, "feel" of foreign locations or the warm glow of things that are common, but oft overlooked.

Whatever the image, our hope is that these photos invoke feelings that draw you in.  You may not see the same thing the photographer saw when they envisioned the image... none-the-less,

We hope that you see more than just a person, a place or a thing. 

Regarding the use of Black and White: just as your imagination filled in the visual void from the days of radio, The photographer enjoys using black & white imagery; permitting all of us to use our personal pallets to color the picture or heighten depth and angels making the photo, for a time, yours alone.


Byron Cann
St. Gallen, CH
2017 photography @ natzure .com





Taliesin Arts Centre 2016

Swansea, Wales












  Norway 2016

  Sled Dogs waiting to run











Spain: 2016